The first Halva Kingdom shop opened in 1947, and the magical spark caught the hearts of the family. Soon after, the family left the Old City and opened a small shop in the bustling Machane Yehuda Market. This store is still active today.

     In the beginning, the family developed recipes in its own kitchen and, in time, perfected a unique formula to create the delicious and unparalleled taste and texture of Halva Kingdom products.

     As demand grew, a modern and well equipped factory was built, where new, creative flavors are made.


     Actually, there is no secret to making exceptional tahini and halva. Halva Kingdom simply insists on the highest quality of raw materials and we do not compromise on our process. 

     Halva Kingdom products are made exclusively from first-grade Ethiopian Humera sesame seeds. Only the finest sesame seeds are used.

     Long before “slow cooking” became a trend, Halva Kingdom produced superior quality products using a slow and meticulous cooking process. The seeds are roasted over gas-powered flames (rather than conventional steam) following traditional methods. Next, the seeds are ground by the authentic process of grindstoning. This method is 10 times slower than industrial grinding methods, producing an intense flavor unique to Halva Kingdom products.


     Tahini and its wholesome halva variations contain troves of nutrients and health benefits. Sesame seeds are rich in nutritional elements as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and iron. They are one of the best sources of calcium and are high in Vitamin B and Vitamin E. Sesame seeds are 20% complete protein, making them an essential ingredient in any vegetarian or vegan diet.

     Halva Kingdom products contain all of these healthful nutrients and are free of trans fats and preservatives.

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*Due to food safety concerns, we can not accept returns. If an item arrives damaged, please contact us right away for a replacement.*

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